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Scanning Services - Prints, Negatives and Slides

Whether you want to preserve your memories for years to come, or you are looking for an easy way to distribute those captured moments to family members via email, or on a USB drive, or uploaded to the cloud.

At Paradise we can handle all of your scanning needs: rolls of film, cut negatives or slides and medium & large formats - black and white or color. We do it all.

"Shoebox of Memories"

Turn that box of family photos into a digital archive that will last a lifetime! Original sizes from wallets to 8x10. Mounted and oversize photos may result in additional charges.

First 300 photos scanned: $ 125.00 every 100 after: $ 30.00 Large quantity pricing available on request.


Negatives: Uncut rolls: first roll $ 7.50 each roll thereafter: $ 3.50 each

Cut negatives: $ 7.50 plus $ 1.00 per strip (up to 6 negatives per strip)

35mm Slides: (Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Fugi & Agfa) $ 2.00 per slide 50 $ 1.75 ea. 100 $ 1.50 ea.

Photographs & Large format negatives and slides - scanned and edited

$ 2.00 scan charge