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It's your Senior year, you've made it at last!

The High School is yours to rule and everything is going to be perfect this year, your Senior pictures included.Finally, no more of those boring generic yearbook pictures. You are a Senior now and only the best will do. Our goal is to give you just what you want and deserve at a great price.

We understand how important your senior yearbook is and by choosing Paradise Photo you will stand above all of the rest, not only because you're a senior, but because your senior pictures will be one of the best.


~ Reflects who you are and how you look

~ Your school might require certain attire for you to wear for your yearbook picture, but you can also bring whatyou want to wear for the rest of the pictures.

~ As many outfit changes as you'dlike (2-4 is the average amount)

~ Bring your letter jacket oruniform to be shot in as well

Tips on clothing choices:

* Avoid Stripes and plaids, they tend to make the photo look messy

* Solids, especially black always comes out well

* Avoid clothes with big logos

* Long sleved shirts often come out the best

* No horizontal stripes


~ Bring in whatever props you'd like

~ What makes you unique ~Anything you use frequently or would want included in your pictures

~ Bring sports equipment, cellphones, ipods, pets, friends, family, instruments, hats, scarves, basically anything you'd like!!


~ Our new studio is located at 203 Union Street in the South Natick Commons building across from the waterfall.

~ In our outdoor 'studio' including the park, the waterfall and the grounds of the Bacon Free Library.


What to expect:

~ Your session is booked for an hour. Outdoor shoots may extend to an hour and a half.

~ Your photographer knows many poses that he will have you try, but feel free to give input on what on any poses you'd like to try.

~ Your photographer will ask questions about you so he can get to know you and take pictures that will show the true you

~ The more fun you have the better the pictures come out


~ Style your hair before your shoot

~ Limit sun exposure to avoid burns and tan lines

~ Get your hair cut no longer than2-3 weeks prior to shoot

~ Get a good nights sleep

~ Feel free to bring family and friends to help assist you

~ Arrive early to fill out the session information sheet

~ Most importantly relax and havefun!


* Shave before your shoot


* Apply make up before the session

* Apply powder or concealer to minimize blemishes before our retouching is done

* Bring your make up in for touchups during the shoot

What to do after your session:

~ Your proofs willl be posted on our website

~ Go online to our website and and view your proofs

~ Select a "10" favorites from which proofs will be printed. (10 to a girl averages 15-20. 10 to a boy averages 5-10!)

~ Choose which photo you'd like asyour yearbook photo - let us know ASAP and we wil edit and send to your school.

~ Choose which ones you would like to order

Show them off to all your friendsand family